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123 on Western Ave - office park


Newly constructed Contemporary Office Space Development in Vincent:

Smale & Partners Inc. presents this newly constructed secure office space in 123 Western Ave office park with exceptional exposure to Western Ave and easy access to major shopping centres. The development has been created specifically for smaller businesses who desire a corporate complex identity and who want to appear to be and feel like they are  a part of something much bigger yet be affordable. The challenge for relatively small companies operating out of small isolated offices is that they are seldom taken seriously and the employees workday can become insulated and mundane. 123 Western Ave has been planned to add interest and external interaction to an employee of a smaller professional practice`s workday. At 123 Western Ave tenants employees are made to feel like they are part of a corporate environment yet with homely, safe and secure comforts.


Stunning shared ablution and canteen facilities are provided intentionally for employees from different professional disciplines (tenancies) to cross paths and interact much like different departments from large multinationals do in their facilities where they tend to work in silos.

The additional benefit of this approach is that such serviced facilities are charged only on a pro rata basis enabling top class facilities to be provided at a fraction of the cost of what would be the case if they were dedicated to your own tenancy.

This assists with profitability of each entity and it adds additional human interaction stimulation to all tenants employees workday.


The office complex is directly off Western Avenue where you have dedicated sized signage space provided on the dedicated signage walls with exceptional exposure and your entrance to your unit within the complex.

Current Units available for rent

Office 1a - 32m²  up to 8 workstations - R3840m Base office rental excl services @R120/m²

Office 3b - 52m² up to 6/7 workstations R6240 Reception, Boardroom and Managers office @R120/m² common areas on shared rates

Office 7a - 175m² up to 14 Staff separate offices R19250  @ R110 excluding Common area on shared rates

Office 7f - 12m² up to 3 workstations - R1 500 p/m @R120/m² Base office rental excl services and shared space rentals 

Office 7g - 15m² up to 3 workstations - R 1800 p/m @R120/m² Base office rental excl services and shared space rentals 

Board Room and meeting rooms available for booking. 

Future Phase - Building 4 

Office from - 37.5m² to 150m² 

Space Planning is available to customize your companies requirements. There is also a dedicated outdoor yard for smokers / private seating. The ultra-modern toilet facilities are shared and serviced by the landlord to assist in reducing rental as is the kitchen/canteen and relaxation patio. Disabled friendly ablution facilities are also provided. A shower is currently under construction should you or one of your employees wish to go for a run during a lunch break and need to freshen up. Dedicated parking’s within the complex in a ratio to the area leased, included and extensive parking off street in front of the complex which is planned to be tarred and will be charged at no additional rental when done. It is currently mowed and neatly maintained and is planned to be tarred in 2019. Your furnishing is for your own account but we will coordinate same with you and we need to assist with the planning thereof especially as we need to get your data, power and communication points in the right places and because we provide office lighting and feature fitting in your seating area which will relate to the planning of your space.


The development has water tanks for reserve water supply, the site is security fenced, has a back-up generator that kicks in when Eskom power supply fails providing essential power to each tenancy only so that you can continue to work. Yes this is an extra cost but the cost of being without power over a possible extended period of time can have a significant effect on a business’s productivity and profitability and the peace of mind this provides is worth the relatively small “insurance” investment. This is charged on a pro rata basis and the cost of servicing the generator is also shared. The complex has a recycling system which has been adopted.


A grade boardrooms are currently being planned on site which will be available to be rented on an hourly basis.

Small flexible office space is also being planned so should a company require additional manpower for a relatively short period of time on a project basis then they can be accommodated on site for additional short term rental. We also have a number of different sized spaces coming on line and within the complex. The befit thereof is that should your space needs change we can try to accommodate you in one of the other spaces which will mean that you don’t need to change your address and your clients will still find you in the same place.


The office complex has a security guardhouse with dedicated ablution facilities (for cleaners/security/construction and maintenance) and a maintenance storeroom for the complex. The guardhouse is intended to be manned  in the future when critical mass is reached within the development enabling such services to be affordable and charged on a pro rata basis. A night time option only exists or 24 hour the viability thereof will be discussed with all tenants once reassessed and deemed to be affordable. Currently the complex has security fencing and security cameras on site and the site is alarmed and monitored by Broubart Security for which each tenant is charged a system maintenance and monitoring fee. The site has a secure “Clearview” access gate with remote access.

Rental Summary:

The additional spaces that are provided but only charged on a pro rata basis are:


  • The generator room with back-up generator and servicing thereof, circulation areas, refuse and gatehouse.

  • Luxurious toilet facilities,  canteen and coffee/lunch patio which are serviced. Please bear in mind that the cost of servicing is substantial due to the cost of cleaning equipment, appliances, consumables and labour rates which would apply to any other office space as well.

  • Complex cleaning and gardening is charged pro rata and your office space will be cleaned once a week at lunchtime but bathrooms, site and kitchen and canteen daily.

  • Optional Internet: you can provide your own or the development can provide a shared 10meg wireless facility on your own secure VLAN   

  • Telkom is on site but you need to connect with your own contract.

20181121 basins.JPG

Newly completed communal toilets

3247-01-104 Proposed Building 1 Plan Rev
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2018-07-19 Office 3a Design Proposal.jpg
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